Q?What is the standard battery setup for Bayou Buggies?

Our standard setup is a 48 volt system.  A 48 volt system is the total voltage of all batteries in the system.  That could be 4 x 12 volt batteries, or it could be 6 x 8 volt batteries.  Some retailers may try to sell you a 36 volt system, which is clearly inferior.  Always know what someone is offering you before you buy.

Q?How long does it take to charge the batteries on an electric golf cart? How long does a charge last?

A full charge on a drained system can take 6 to 8 hours.  An overnight connection to the charger works well.  A top off charge to a partially drained system will take less time.

Golf carts running on a full charge with new batteries can get anywhere from 20-30 miles on a charge.  With age, you can expect a mileage decrease.

Q?What are the regular maintenance requirements for an electric golf cart?

Electric golf carts are fairly maintenance free, except for the batteries.  You should check and top off the water level in the batteries at least once a month.  It is always best to use distilled water.  Regular battery maintenance will ensure best lifespan and performance for your investment.

Q?What is the top speed for an electric golf cart?

A base model electric golf cart will run approximately 14 miles per hour (mph).  High speed programming can increase top speed to 19 mph.  Lift kits and tire upgrades can kick it up to 23 mph.

Q?How long does a set of batteries last?

Golf cart battery sets for recreational users (2 to 3 rounds/up to 12 hours a week) can last from 5 to 7 years.  Serious golfers and sportsmen (4 to 5 rounds/up to 20 hours a week) usually last 5 to 6 years.

Q?What kind of golf cart should I buy?

After deciding how you will use your golf cart, it is best to build around your needs.    For recreational use or lighter applications, such as neighborhoods and camp grounds, our standard electric golf cart is the “vehicle of choice.”  A 48 volt system is an upgrade to our competitor’s “standard” golf cart, but is still our recommended “way to go.”

Heavily used golf carts in extreme conditions require a 48 volt system, with an aluminum frame and a lift kit.  These options are needed for functionality, and they also look great.

There are many other optional features for adding to either type of custom built electric golf cart.

Q?How long does it take to build a custom golf cart?

Depending on the level of customization, a cart with moderate accessories can take one or two days to build.  A cart with all the “bells and whistles” can take up to one week.